Our Facilities

The Pier-Side Complex of John Fernandes Ltd is located on the eastern bank of the Demerara River, 1.5 Km (1 mile) from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the Hub of the Company’s operations and is a Customs Bonded Facility covering some 14000 square meters (3.5 acres).

The Pier

THE PIERis 230 meters (757 feet) long, with a minimum draft alongside of approximately 6.2 meters (21feet) at low water.


The storage offered at this facility includes a dock-side container marshalling yard with a capacity of 650 TEUS and 6317 square meters (68,000 sq ft) of covered storage which is used for break bulk and LCL Export/Import cargo.

Off-Port Terminal

John Fernandes Ltd can boast of having the only Off-Port Container Terminal in Guyana. It is a Customs Bonded Facility located on 48,562 square meters (12 acres) of land, with a storage capacity of 2,500 TEUS, approximately 3 Km (2 miles) from the Pier-Side Complex. This facility affords our customers easy access, free from the traffic congestion of the city. The stuffing and storage of containers prior to export is also accommodated at this Terminal.

The company has an inhouse Security Service (100 ranks). The Canine Section of this service is located at the Off-Port Terminal.

Cargo Handling Equipment

In order for John Fernandes to offer cargo handling services that are unmatched in Guyana, it is necessary for the Company to manage and maintain a comprehensive fleet of modern cargo handling equipment. This equipment is efficiently serviced and repaired, with strict adherence to maintenance schedules, through fully equipped, in-house workshops. Our equipment includes: