Group of Companies

B & B Farms Ltd.


Founded 2001
Shareholding 60%
Poultry Producers

B&B Farms Ltd. registered in 2001, is a joint venture between Bounty Farm Ltd (60 %). and Banks DIH Ltd. (40 %).  Located at Kuru Kuru on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway it is under contract to produce chicken for Bounty Farm Ltd.


Bounty Farm Limited


Founded 1976
Shareholding 100%
Producers and Marketers of Poultry and Pork

Bounty Farm Ltd. is a fully integrated poultry producing Company registered in 1976.  It is a wholly owned subsidiary of John Fernandes Ltd and is located at Timehri on east bank Demerara, 21 miles from Georgetown.  Here on a 60 acre plot of land is the hub of the Company’s operations.  This includes a hatchery, feed factory, processing plant and grow-out areas.

Product marketing and distribution are handled from the head office in Georgetown. Bounty Farm is also the managers of retail meat centers in the city and is the largest poultry producer in Guyana.


Bryden & Fernandes Inc.


Founded 2000
Shareholding 51%
Agents and Distributors

Bryden & Fernandes Inc. was registered in 2000 as a Distribution Company of food and homecare products.  It is a joint venture between JP Santos & Company Limited (51 %), A.S. Bryden & Sons (Trinidad) Ltd. (24.5 %) and A.S. Bryden & Sons (Barbados) Ltd. (24.5 %).

of the better known global brands such as Unilever margarines, detergents and cleaners as well as Kellogg’s and Campbell’s food products. 


Fairfield Investments Limited


Founded 1985
Shareholding 100%
Rice Farmers and Poultry Producers

Fairfield Investments Limited (FIL) registered in 1985, is a wholly owned subsidiary of John Fernandes Limited, located at Fairfield Estate, Mahaicony, 30 miles east of Georgetown.  The estate consists of 8oo acres of land which is mainly used for rice cultivation and poultry production.

At present FIL cultivates approximately 300 acres of paddy which is sold to Fairfield Rice Inc. for processing.  It also has two poultry units with a total capacity of 63,000 chickens.  These are produced on a contract basis for its sister company Bounty Farm Limited.


Fairfield Rice Inc.


Founded 2000
Shareholding 50%
Rice Millers and Exporters

Fairfield Rice Inc. (FRI) is a joint venture partnership between Nadira (Guyana) Inc. 51% and Fairfield Investments Ltd. 49 % .  This company was registered 1999 to purchase paddy from farmers to be processed into high quality rice products that are marketed both locally and internationally.

FRI is a Rice Milling Complex located on 4.5 acres of Fairfield Estate on the east coast Demerara.  It consists of a rice mill with a capacity of 7.5 metric tons (paddy in) per hour, administrative building, laboratory, bulk scale, mechanized paddy drier and a bulk warehouse for dried paddy.


Fernandes Holdings Ltd.


Founded 1991
Shareholding 100%
A Real Estate Holding Company

Fernandes Holdings Ltd. was registered in 1991 as a real estate holding company for John Fernandes Limited.


JP Santos & Company Ltd.


Public Co. Founded 1910
Shareholding 90%
Real Estate Holdings & Investors

JP Santos & Company Ltd. is a property and investment company registered in 1910. It is a public company of which John Fernandes Ltd has a shareholding of 91%.

JPS Trading Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary founded in 2006.  It is the retail trading arm of the parent Company and presently operates three supermarkets/meat centers. 


JPS Trading Inc.


Public Co. Founded 2006
Shareholding 90%
Retail Traders

JPS Trading Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of JP Santos & company Ltd. founded in 2006.  It is the retail trading arm of the parent Company and presently operates three supermarkets/meat centers.