Agency Services

John Fernandes Limited is an experienced shipping agency established in 1959 and staffed by a dedicated team with extensive knowledge of the local market network. Excellent contacts with the maritime administration, other terminals, maintenance contractors and suppliers are sure to meet the needs of most discerning customers.

We offer the following Ship Agency service:

  • Full Agency
  • Protective Agency
  • Vessel Husbandry

We understand Owners’ concerns and know how to care their vessels. Through many years of operation we have become a reliable, preferred address providing high quality and professional agency services to their vessels.

Our strong points are not only the quality of our service but also our good relationships with the entire shipping community and the relevant authorities.

The range of our experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Bulk Grain and Fertilizer
  • Bagged and palletized cargo
  • Lumber and Logs
  • Containers of all sizes
  • Special projects
  • Logistics

Let us make your life easier, tell us what information you need and how often you want it. Having the right amount of information at the right time improves your operational efficiency, reduces the risk of misunderstandings and keeps you informed so you can more effectively control your cost