Container Trucking & Delivery Services

We offer integrated container trucking and delivery with complete import and export, freight handling services. We can deliver or pick up containers, L.T.L., or specialized shipments anywhere.
Our container trucking service responds very quickly, saving demurrage and satisfying sensitive supply chain delivery needs. We provide a smooth interchange for various import and export services so you can expect a timely and accurate completion.
With our fleet of 16 trucks and 160 trailers you can avoid the expense, confusion and delays associated with multiple vendors. We provide immediate service for demanding industry requirements.

  • All trucks are radio dispatched and most are owned and operated by John Fernandes Ltd, ultimately protecting the company and its customers from industrial action and strikes.
  • Volume discounts are available for special projects and continuous large volume customers
  • Our fleet is continuously tracked by a global positioning system to ensure timely delivery and the safety of your cargo.

You can be assured that all cargo arriving at our dock will be transported in an efficient and expeditious manner.